INFLUENCER | Nina Dobrev is Dior’s New Beauty Muse

Nina Dobrev has always traveled the world, even before she was a beloved actress and the newest Dior beauty brand partner. “I traveled a lot as a young girls. We did road trips and we got on planes a lot. My family lived in Europe. I remember seeing the Dior campaigns in the airports”, Dobrev recalls “I always looked up to Dior. It felt so timeless and classy and elegant in every way. I think the Miss Dior scent is what I always associated that grace and timelessness. That was probably the first product I recognized, purchased, and aspired to as a little girl”.

Dobrev has been a close friend of Dior for some time, but today the actress is an official brand partner. Dobrev doesn’t always wears makeup day-to-day but she is a bonafide beauty junkie, so the partnership was a natural fit. Though she admits that her makeup artist Daniel Martin, who also works with Dior and Duchess Meghan Markle, has taught her almost everything she knows. “I am very lucky to have someone like Daniel”, she adds.

“Nine is my favorite, we have to start there”, Dobrev says, referring  to the brand’s iconic 999 red lipstick in the new Ultra Care formula. “It’s the classic perfect red. And it’s my favorite color. It’s a great color because you can wear it during the day and it elevates your daytime look, but also you can put it on at night and it turns into that pop of color. Plus, it’s super hydrating despite the fact that it’s a red lip. With other colors I find it challenging to get that beautiful color without compromising how your lips feel”.

‘The Forever Foundation is really great, I travel a lot and my hormones are constantly changing. I can have little breakouts”, Dobrev says. “I really like it because it covers the breakouts but it doesn’t feel cakey. You feel covered but you don’t feel suffocated with makeup. It looks natural and clean and fresh and glowy and I really enjoy it”.

On Her Signature Scent:

I definitely switch it up, for sure. Sometimes I go au naturel and sometimes I feel like I need something more citrusy. JLaw, Jennifer Lawrence I guess I should say formally, JLauw’s fragrance Joy feels light and citrusy and great for day in my opinion. But my classic is Miss Dior. I have been wearing Miss Dior since I was way too young. I seldom switch from that, it’s my nighttime go-to.


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