BUSINESS | How Much It Cost To Get Your Ad To Light Up Burj Khalifa

Do you want your blog’s image to appear on the tallest tower in the world? Is that possible? What would it look like to have your blog ad projected on Burj Khalifa in Dubai? I tempted you!? Your imagination went crazy? Think about it. Burj Khalifa, Dubai and your ad.. In the same sentence. Is this possible in reality? Well… It’s possible!

The cost to place a promotional advert or message on the façade of the Burj Khalifa starts from AED 250,000 ($68,073)  for a single three minute display, according to the marketing agency which manages the lighting display.

Prices range from AED250,000 for three minutes during weekdays from 8PM to 10PM, rising to AED 350,000 at weekends. Fort two three minutes impressions any night between 8PM and 10PM the price is AED500,000 and for AED 1 million you can get three minute impressions any night between 7PM and midnight.

The displays are managed by Dubai-based marketing agency Mullen Lowe MENA and the contest must be submitted four weeks before the promotion goes live, in order to be approved by Burj Khalifa’s owner EMAAR PROPERTIES.

According to the media pack for the façade promotions, music can be add to the display, the video cannot by synced with the Dubai Fountain and full payment (excluding VAT) must be made in advance.

The facede of the  workd’s tallest tower has been used by high profile camaigns such as, Cartier, Huawei and recently by Walt Disney to promote The Lion King and Avengers: Endgame Movies.


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