WOMAN’S LIFE | It’s Cellulit! Demi Lavato Shares Unedited Photo

Pop singer Demi Lavato has posted an unedited image of herself showing off her cellulite, telling her millions of followers it was her “biggest fear”.

The 27 – year-old said the image was “cellulite” adding she was tired of “being ashamed”  of her body and admitting that previous pictures had been edited.

“I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone’s else’s standards.

“So here’s me, unashamed, unafraid and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day”.

The unedited image appears to have been taken at the same time as similar ones Lovato posted in May this year while on holiday in Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

The popularity of the new picture has already for surpassed the 4.1 million likes the image of her in the same location wearing the dame bikini garnered, with more than 7.1 million fans so far showing their support.

Her photo prompted her fans to share their images of cellulite with her too – which she also included in the Instagram story.

Cellulite is a condition where the skin has a dimpled and lumpy appearance. It affects 90% of all women at some point in their lives yet is often airbrushed from pictures or not shown at all.


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