ART & CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT | Saudi Arabia’s “Winter at Tantora” Festival To Launch Its 2nd Edition in December 19, 2019

AL-ULA, SAUDI ARABIA, September 25, 2019 – “Winter at Tantora 2019” International Festival will be launched in its 2nd version after its first successful debut in 2018, it was reported today.

The festival will celebrate the arts, culture, heritage and history in the historic area of Al-Ula, as its events will start as of 19 December 2019 and last on the 7th of March 2020.

The festival invites lovers of arts and culture from around the world to enjoy a range of performances, events, cultural, artistic and heritage experiences within the atmosphere of the historical “Al-Ula Governorate”, which embraces the “Al Hijr’” site or what is known as “Madaen Saleh”, the first Saudi sire registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

This year’s season will include the participation of international artists who will hit the stage on February 21; the international artist Lionel Ritchie on February 28, who confirmed in a statement that it will be his first visit to the Kingdom which he considers an exceptional opportunity and experience, in addition to artist Omar Khairat and the artist Yani who make their show up in the event.

The festival will include a play show inspired by the glories and history of Al-Ula to be presented on February 14 by Caracalla Dance Theater titled “Jameel Bouthaina” and a concert of Beethoven music on 3 January, 2020.

The festival’s events will also include a range of activities designed for arts, culture and adventure enthusiasts as well as lovers of history and sports, including a balloon festival, and the activity of “classic aircraft flights”, in addition to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup of Endurance (Knights’ Forum), the second largest endurance race in the world.

It will also include experiences of cooking under the organized by international Michelin-class chefs.

The second will also host other attractions such as heritage markets along with area designed to provide high-end international brands, whereas visitors can make tours throughout the ancient historical sites, dating back to about 2000 years and enjoy a unique experience that takes them on a journey through time using reality technology.

The Festival of Winter at Tantora 2019 is inspired by the ancient deep-rooted traditions of Al-Ula governorate which was historically used to celebrate seasons changing including the start of winter, allowing visitors to enjoy the true essence of the this province beginning from its heritage and diverse markets to local performances.

The seasons allows the visitor to enjoy such a distinctive set of activities in a historical site that stands witness to the greatness of human civilizations of which their edifices are still alive today.

This year’s “Winter at Tantora” Festival will be organized under the title “A Journey Through Time In A Timeless Historical Site” according to four themes: Re-embodiment Of Heritage, Oasis of Culture, Adventure and Exploration and the Resort.

1-Re-embodiment of Heritage: It includes re-calling and summoning heritage through seeing replicas of fantastic sights of ancient historical cities, not only as archaeological monuments but as living communities, whereas visitors will learn how ancient civilizations lived through diverse experiences narrated by professional storytellers and the guests are given the opportunity to experience historical sites and practically share local traditions that were performed there. Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the latest technology and innovation such as virtual reality and smart device applications to exhibit fun interactive experiences filled with knowledge and information about these sites. In addition, the activities of the season will cover a variety of cultural aspects by offering special culinary events, including popular food in the winter park and fine culinary arts from across the region, available in the market of Wadi Al-Qura and other natural sites.

2-Oasis of Culture: It will present international stars from around the world within a variety of artistic and cultural performances at the modern “Maraya Theater”, which can accommodate 500 visitors, reflecting the beauty of the high mountains, unique nature and rich cultural history that surrounds that area of Al-Ula. The theater’s guests can enjoy the spectacular performances and shows of classical and operatic artist from around the world.

3-Adventure and Exploration: It is designed for fans of thrill and excitement, where a high dose of adrenaline will be provided by a variety of events ranging from “classic aircraft flights” that provide visitors with distinctive adventures and sightseeing from the top aboard old aircraft dating back to World War II, to a quiet flight across the sky.

On the other hand, the second “Balloon Festival” in Al-Ula provides a popular destination for balloon  enthusiasts across the region to experience the sky flying with a fleet of 100 balloons, explore the wonders drawn by thousands of years on the land of Al-Ula and enjoy flying individually at sunset.

Visitors also can enjoy more than 200 jockeys from around the world who will compete for a 120-kilometer track at the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup of Endurance Race, the world’s second largest race of its kind.

4-The resort: It will provide exclusive tours under the stars in the presence of international  Michelin-class luxury restaurants created in sites of archaeological significance and scenic nature. The audience can be briefed on more about the festival’s distinctive events by visiting.

Festival tickets will also be available to the public by the beginning of October 2019. It is worth mentioning that “Winter at Tantora” is being held in the governorate of Al-Ula, located in the north-west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an exceptional place being characterized by the charm of its natural beauty and ancient civilizations, and the headquarters of ancient treasures dating back to thousands of years.

Al-Ula is located on the ancient incense road between southern Arabia Peninsula and Egypt, and has become a hub of commercial and cultural exchange as a rich oasis the has created an ideal environment for the prosperity of civilizations.

The first season of Winter at Tantora festival 2018 has hosted more than 37,000 visitors from around the world over 10 weeks. It also witnessed the participation of well-known international celebrities and artists such as Andrea Bocelli and Yanni as well as distinguished Arabian singer Majda El Roumi and the Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang.

Based on the outstanding success of the first season, the program’s activities for the second season 2019/2020 will be extended for another two weeks and expected to attract 40,000 visitors to enjoy the rich cultural and heritage performances and shows.


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