LIFE | Women Recall Wedding Day Details More Than Men

A new study suggested that husbands recall much less details about their wedding days than their wives. It is supposed to be the day you’ll remember forever, but it seems that many details of your wedding will fade, especially if you’re a man.

According to The Daily Mail, the study found that women recall 23 percent more of the finer points of the wedding. Such facts as who was there, what clothes they wore and what the weather was like were all far more likely to be remembered by Wives, even after more than half a century of marriage. Experts believe the difference is explained by a concept known as “kin keeping”, the unpaid job of caring for family matters, including cherished emotional memories, which tends to be the domain of women more than men.

In the study, psychologist asked 39 couples for details of their wedding day, separating spouses from their partners before quizzing them alone. The couples, who had been married for between 13 and 65 years, were asked to talk for three minutes about they remembered of the day, as well as their reactions and emotions.

The German News Agency reported that women recalled almost a quarter more information than men in the single session, including often seemingly trivial but still distinctive details. The study also found that couples remembered more when they were together, possibly due to cues and hints from the wives. The study by Dickinson College in the U.S. and Macquerie University in Australia was published in the Journal Memory.

Professor Azriel Grysman, who led the study, said “A system has developed in couples in which both spouses recognize that the wife usually takes primary responsibility when reminiscing about shared family events. Women simply remember more details relating to the event as it was unfolding – who, what, where and when”.

“Young girls and later women are encouraged by parents and their peers to talk about their memories in a way that puts greater emphasis on thoughts, feelings and relationships. This leads to a greater focus by women on more details in their memories”, he added.


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