INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN | Jane Fonda Got Arrested Again. Make That The 4Th Friday In A Row

Jane Fonda said she wants to get arrested every Friday. That’s exactly what she plans to do – – all to address the climate crisis.

The actress and activist said she moved to Washington for four months to raise awareness about the devastating challenges that are facing the Earth.

There is a collective crisis, requires collective action”, the 81-year-old told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “And so I Decided to use my celebrity to try to raise the sense of urgency, and I moved to Washington, and I’m going to get arrested every Friday.”

She calls these protest “Fire Drill Fridays”. Each week, she along with other advocacy organizations gather at the U.S. Capitol to bring attention to how the climate crisis intersects with different part of the human life, such as militarism, women and human rights.


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