GOSSIP | Jennifer Aniston Is “Open” To Love After Marriage To Justin TherouX: “It’s A Beautiful Thing”

Jennifer Aniston insist she doesn’t like to make New Year’s resolutions. “I wake up every day grateful”, she tells People in this week’s issues, where she and three other cover starts are celebrated as People of the Year.

From breaking records at Netflix this summer with her Adam Sandler comedy Murder Mystery to making a triumphant return to series television this fall with Apple Tv+’s The Morning Show (both of which she also co-exec produced), Aniston, 50, says this past year taught her “how much I’m capable of”.

When it comes to love, the superstar say she remain “open” to it as well following the end of her marriage to Justin Theroux in 2018.

“Because it’s fantastic. It’s absolutely a beautiful thing”, Aniston says. “I mean I also think it’s the way we really get to know ourselves by being vulnerable enough to let love in’’.


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