ICONS | Whitney Houston’s Garments To Be Auctioned Off In Rare Sale: ‘These Clothes Tell A Story’

Over eight years since they were initially auctioned off, some of the singer’s clothes will be sold off once more by GWS Auctions on December 7.

While it was Whitney Houston’s legendary voice that made her a superstar, she also lit up the stage with her beauty and captivating presence.

Looking back at the teal Grecian gown she donned winning her first Grammy awards in 1986 to the white athleisure jumpsuit she sported at the 1991 Super Bowl, Houston’s style was all her own.

Now some of Houston’s dresses will be auctioned off on December 7 at GWS Auctions’ “Artifacts of Hollywood & Music” auction. These include a black long-sleeved Pamela Dennis evening gown, a royal blue embellished Scala dress, a sequined ivory high-neck jumpsuit, a belted black halter cocktail dress and a gold-and-black sequined halter neck sequin mini dress.

“Each piece is so different”, GWS Auctions owner Brigitte Kruse tells People Magazine.‘If you look at every piece, you can imagine Whitney wearing each piece”.

This is the second time some of these dresses have been auctioned off. They were originally acquired from an unpaid storage unit owned by Nippy, Inc., Houston’s New Jersey-based management company, which was part of a 2007 auctions BY AJ Willner auctions in New Jersey. From then on, the dresses were held in a private collection in Europe.


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