SAUDI SOCIETY | Minister Of Culture Announces National Cultural Awards For Saudi Talents

RIYADH | SAUDI ARABIA  – – Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Farhan, Minister of Culture, has announced the initiative of the National Cultural Awards to celebrate the achievements of Saudi talents in all sixteen major cultural sectors approved by the Ministry.

The Minister said that the National Cultural Awards are an extension of the appreciation of the Ministry of Culture and the homeland in general for the great contributions made by Saudi talents in all cultural sectors and their roles in developing awareness and knowledge.

The awards are divided into four tracks: the Pioneer Award, the Youth Culture Award, the Cultural Institutions Award, in addition to the fourth track that includes 11 awards representing all cultural sectors which include Film and Visual Show award, Fashion Award, Music Award, National Heritage Award, Culinary Award, Publishing Award and Translation Award.

The Ministry of Culture aims to provide the National Cultural Awards to support and encourage the Saudi cultural sector with all its components, both individuals and institutions, by celebrating annually the most important Saudi cultural achievements, and highlighting distinguished national talents, with the consequent encouragement of cultural production at high standards, in addition to honoring the pioneers and appreciating their contributions affecting the history of Saudi culture.


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