BEAUTY | How To Take Your Makeup From Office To Out

Makeup artist Hung Vanngo – aka the master of the smoky eye – explains how to layer up and take your look from day to dance floor.

A smoky eye can instantly change the mood of your look from everyday to full-on – glam, but it can be difficult to achieve if you’re short on time and light on beauty kit. So we’ve called in the expert: makeup artist Hung Vanngo, who has created super-sexy smoky eye looks on the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Julianne Moore, Bella Hadid and Rosie Huntingtom-Whiteley. Here, he reveals how to take your kids from boardroom to bar…

Make It Last

Just like the rest of your face, prepping the skin on your eyelid is key”, says Vanngo.

Always use a primer; it makes eyeshadow colors more vibrant and easier to blend, and ensure that your eye makeup stays on all day (and night)”.

Pick Your Colors Wisely

It can be difficult to layer shadow if the colors aren’t right, explains Vanngo: “Warm tones are very easy to work with. Plus, they’re sexier, open up the eyes and make you color “pop”. Even with a dramatic smoky look, I always start with a dramatic smoky, I always start with a brown shade”.

Layer Up

There are no rules when it comes to textures, and you don’t need to stick to traditional powders. “I like to draw gel eyeliner all over the lid and then smudge it out like shadow”, says Vanngo. “The  Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Wye Crayon in (Brown)ie is my favorite”. If you do use a gel or cream formula first, always go over the top with a powder eyeshadow (try a shimmer or metallic for a more dramatic finish), but keep the layers light and sheer so that they’re easier to work with. If you don’t keep any makeup brushes in your desk drawer, just use your fingers instead.

And If You’re Really Short Of Time…

“Elevating your look can be as simple as adding some color to your waterline and smudging it in. even a fine line of a deep, reddish pencil across the lower lashes can have a “wow” effect,” says Vanngo. “For an extra pop, try a jeweled color in the waterline or add a sparkly champagne shadow at the inner corners of the eyes. It’ll be enough to seriously amp up your look”.


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