BEAUTY | Anti-Aging Tricks Jennifer Lopez Uses To Look Half Her Age

Jennifer Lopez’s awe-inspiration performance at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show has got everyone talking. Not only were her pole dancing skill on point with someone – like an experienced pro – in their twenties, but her ageless beauty is quickly earning her the nickname J.Glow.

So just how does the superstar manage to make 50 look like the new 20-something when it comes to her flawless complexion? Ahead, the A-Lister’s fountain of youth skincare secrets – from healthy habits to the exact anti-aging products in her beauty arsenal.

She Gets Her Beauty Rest

Despite her busy schedule of acting, making new music, performing in concerts, attending movie premiers, working out with her fiance, slugger Alex Rodriguwz, and mothering her two children (Max and Emme), Lopex somehow finds time to get more sleep than the majority of the country.

‘The number one tip is to always get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough’, she told InStyle in 2018. ‘I would  love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight’.

She Hydrates And Eats Clean

Lopez believes that beauty starts from within. ‘Sorry, it’s true! I think drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables (I keep (them) with me at all time) all plat into the quality of skin’s appearance’, she shared with People in 2016.

She Soesn’t Drink Or Smoke

You might see J.Lo out on the town occasionally, but you will never catch her throwing back drinks or puffing on a cigarette. ‘She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. She lives a very clean life’, her fiancé attested to Harper’s Bazaar in 2018.

She Also Avoids Caffeine

While Lopez does enjoy coffee in the morning, she sticks to decaf. ‘I haven’t had caffeine in years’, she reportedly told Us Weekly in 2016.

She Has Great Genes

While she does work hard to keep her J.Lo glow, she also admits she has a genetic advantage. ‘I have to say I have good genes’, she confessed to Today. ‘My mom and my grandma had beautiful skin, so I was blessed with that. I’m fortunate in the way’.

She Meditates and Uses Mantras

In addition to her diet, Lopez believes that there is a mind-body connection when it comes to beauty. ‘I definitely think beauty comes from within – you have to keep your mind, soul, body and spirit in sync’, she told InStyle in 2016. ‘I am a firm believer in mediating and when you are happy and feel joy and love, you radiate beauty’.

She also revealed Harper’s Bazaar in 2018 that she is a fan of mantras and daily affirmation. ‘I am youthful and timeless. I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. It sounds like clichéd bullshit, but it’s not: age is all in your mind. Look at Jane Fonda’, she shared.

She Washed Her Face Post-Workout

Lopez works out-a lot! And after every sweat session, she makes sure to refresh. ‘I always, always wash my face after a workout’, she told Hello! In 2016. ‘that helps my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy’.

She Also Cleanses Her Face Before Bed

No matter how tired J.Lo is, she never neglects her skincare routine. ‘I never go to bed without taking my makeup off, (and I use) night creams to keep my skin hydrated’, she revealed to People in 2016.

She Protects Her Skin From Sun Damage

Lopez is a ‘firm believer in SPF’, she told InStyle in 2018. ‘I try not to stay out in the sun too long’, she added. She also revealed in an interview with People in 2016 that she relies on sunscreen every single day to protect her skin.

She Uses Glycolic Acid To Get Her Glow

Lopez also revealed to People that she regularly uses glycolic acid to ‘get that healthy and clear skin’. Her go-to? L’Oreal’s Bright Reveal Brightening Day Moisturizer SPF 30, an affordable anti-aging moisturizer that features SPF 30 to protect skin from the sun and glycolic acid, vitamin C, and pro-retinol to brighten and smooth skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

She Invests In Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Even though she might spend hours in the makeup chair for performance and special events, Lopez makes sure to allow her skin opportunities to breath. ‘I am pretty low-key when it comes to my day-to-day beauty routine’, she confessed in InStyle in 2016. ‘I  have to wear a lot of makeup for work, so when I am not working, I tend to wear little to no makeup’.

While she does try to go makeup – free as often as possible, the star does lean on a structured skincare routine to maintain her healthy, youthful – looking complexion. She even revealed some of her favorite skincare products to Hello! In 2016. While most of her favorites aren’t ‘so’ cheap, a few of her tried-and-true products are worth splurging on.

At the end of a long day, J.Lo relies on Lancer Skincare The Method: Cleanse to remove excess oil, increase cell renewal, and protect skin from future damage. She also loves the brand’s Lancer Skincare Eye Contour Lifting Cream to help diminish dark circle, wrinkles, and puffiness, thanks to a potent formula boasting caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and peptides to brighten the under – eye.

Her longtime makeup artist, Scott Barnes, also revealed in an interview with Popsugar in 2018 that the star swears by La Mer Moisturizing Cream, a cult-favorite cream that deeply hydrates dry skin. ‘That’s the one things that’s on the makeup station, no matter what’, he said.

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