EMPOWERMENT OF YOUTH | Training Program Launched For Saudi Youth

A new training program to support entreprenship among Saudi youth will teach participants important steps in starting a business.

As part of the Kingdom’s drive to increase the tole of small and medium enterprises in the economy, Neom, a planned cross-border city that aims to use smart technologies for a sustainable ecosystem, and the Misk Academy, an organization dedicated to youth empowerment and investment in local communities, have launched SPARK, a program that aims to attract investment in human capital development and advance the non-oil economy.

Through a series of programs and initiatives endorsed by GEN Saudi, the  global entrepreneurship network, SPARK, Neom and the Misk Academy will work together to teach young professionals skills for the new economy, support business growth in provincial regions, and increase business opportunities outside main cities.

SPARK will include online classes to help participants refine their business plans and expose them to winning from some of the world’s most successful startups. Saudi youth participating in the six-week course will learn how to create strong business strategies and investor pitches.

Experienced executive coaches will guide students through the critical process of refining an idea, building a business model and articulating a pitch. At the end of the program, students will present their business idea to a panel of judges from Neom, the Misck Academy, and the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monshaat).

Registration for the program continues until June 13. Courses will begin on June 21 and continue until Aug.13. Interested people can visit the Misk Academy’s website for details.

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