BUSINESS | Lamborghini Will No Longer Be Attending Auto Shows Like The Geneva Motor Shows

Lamborghini Head of Marketing Katia Bassi has revealed the Italian supercar automaker will not be attending future auto shows as part of their strategy moving forward.

It looks like Lamborghini are set to abandon traditional motor shows in favor of more tailored experiences for their customers.

While this is sad news for the enthusiasts simply looking to catch a glimpse of the latest Lamborghini reveals at an international auto shows, it means the Italian supercar brand is going to be able to focus on more intimate events for their clients in locations like Pebble Beach in the USA and Goodwood in the UK.

In an interview with Autocar India, Automobili Lamborghini Chief Marketing and Communication Officer Katia Bassi shared, ‘We decided to abandon the motor shows because we increasingly believe that to have an intimate relationship with the customer is key and motor shows are no longer aligned with our philosophy’.

‘Motor shows in their traditional format have provided an opportunity for people to see new cars and technologies under one roof in a timely way, but influences such as the internet and social media have fundamentally changed that traditional motor show role. Moreover, Lamborghini needs to consider its customers, who want exclusivity, personalization and one-to-one contact with our cars and our personal’.

This means that the reveal of the limited edition Lamborghini Sian FKP at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show was the final large-format auto event for the brand and the last chance for the general public to get up close and personal with the lean mean machines.

With approx. 20% of the brand’s supercar owners being under the age of 30, Lamborghini is still especially keen to remain connected with their younger demographic with Katia Bassi noting ‘So, you can imagine we are between the millennials and Gen Z and therefore, to have their inputs in what they see Lamborghini should be in the near future is important for us. Having their input would give us the opportunity to make a predictive marketing strategy’.

To this end, Lamborghini has ventured into new territory including partnership with video game creators like Playstation’s Gran Turismo and Xbox’s Forza Motorsport to all the younger generation to get a taste for the supercars on the track along with collaborations with LEGO for budding supercar engineers and builders to create their own masterpieces.

For the established clientele, Katia Bassi has also confirmed Lamborghini would still be looking to create a ‘constant program of exclusive events’, including the ‘unveils of exclusive new cars in special locations, exclusive tours and driving programmes for both customers and prospects, and lifestyle events where we can invite our clients, prospects and VIPs’.

So while it is sad to think that the iconic designs like the Aventador, Huracan, and Sian will not be seen on a large scale any time soon is clear Lamborghini is still looking to deliver value but in a more personalized way.


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