LIFESTYLE | Interior Designer Bobby Berk Shares His Tips For Creating A Calm Home

Whether you’re looking to renovate or add your stamp to a new build, the award-winning and Emmy-nominated American interior designer, who is known for starring in the Netflix hit Queer Eye as the interior design expert, is here to help.

He’ll put his stylish spin on a space to create one that’s calming and mood-enhancing, offering unforgettable moments.

Thoroughly contemporary, he strikes that balance of creating sleek and spacious areas that are also homely, cozy and comfortable. And that’s no mean feat.

Bobby shares his top tips so we can create a zenful and calm home.

Stick To Soothing Colors

Keeping to a color palette that is soft and soothing will help ensure your space is a calm oasis. Neutral shades like white, ivory, tans and light grey, along with blues and greens will all help you feel relaxed.

Keep Things Uncluttered

A cluttered space can give you a cluttered mind, so make sure to keep things minimal by only displaying items you love and use daily. Everything else can get stashed away in storage containers.

Make A Better Bathroom

Stocking your bathroom with soothing products can keep you and your home in a state of bliss. Treat your own space as if it was a spa and you’ll always be in a state of Zen. Try a decorative glass jar filled with bath salts, or a wooden bath brush that will look just as good as it feels.

Soften Things Up

Soft textures are a great way to bring in a calm and cozy feel. Adding a woven blanket to your armchair, some soft pillows to the sofa, or even luxurious linen sheets to your bed will leave your home feeling oh so comfortable.

Bring In Scent

A stimulating scent can instantly make your home a calming space. Try a scent diffuser in the bedroom with a few drops of lavender oil before bed, or a eucalyptus or jasmine candle to fill your living space with relaxing vibes.

Go Green

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a houseplant or a herb garden, bringing in some greenery is a great way to bring your space to life. Plants have a calming effect, and even help make your healthier by cleaning the air!

Embrace Natural Items

Nothing is more calming than being in nature, so when you can’t be outside, bring those elements of nature in. warm wood furniture, a woven basket, or a crystal will instantly connect your home to the outdoors.

Adjust Your Art

Fill your home with art that reflects calmness. Choose pieces with something subjects like nature, still lives and photography that will make you feel happy every time you look at them.

Let There Be Light

Having the right type of light can greatly improve the look and feel of your home. Switch out your existing bulbs for soft white dimmable LED bulbs to bring in warm, pleasing light. You can also install a dimmer switch to control the level of light on demand.

Display Sentimental Pieces

Keeping items on display that associate with positive memories, like souvenirs from trips, objects passed down in your family, or items you’ve collected from nature, will bring a sense of nostalgia and happiness into your home.

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