SHOPPING | AlUla’s Ancient Sites and Illustrations To Feature In This New Coffee Table Book

The destination of AlUla, working in collaboration with publisher Assouline, has announced  the upcoming release of a luxury, mesmerizing book of photography and illustrations. The book, titled AlUla is set to release in September and features stunning images by acclaimed Canadian-American photographer Robert Polidori, and interpretive illustrations by Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal.

AlUla will immerse readers and transport them to the city, allowing them a glimpse into its rich history and culture. Each page of the luxurious book delves deeps into the destinations ancient character, where innovators and artists lived and journeyed through its exceptional landscapes, leaving traces of their languages, culture, and way of life.

The book is available in Assouline’s exclusive Ultimate and XXL formats, in either blue or beige covers, with the XXL format available in blue and black boxes.

The site of AlUla is found deep within the vast desert of northwestern Saudi Arabia. It is regarded as a must-visit hub for natural, archeological wonders, and contemporary sites. As Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, it features modern landmarks including the Maraya Hall, the award-winning, multi-purpose concert and entertainment venue that is also the Guinness Book of Records’ largest mirrored venue in the world.

Photographer Polidori began his career in the mid-1980s when he photographed the Restoration of Versailles. Much of his work is featured in the collection of many outstanding museums across the world. ‘AlUla is just amazing and unparalleled’, said Polidori. ‘I try to render what I call an emblematic image usually showing its entirety through its details and vice versa. I tried to give a timeless image’.

Spanish artist Monreal was born in Barcelona and is currently based in Rome. His various work media includes paintings, design, creative direction, and film. He also created Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, which was the first of its kind to be fully digitally painted, and has worked with brands such as Bulgari, Four Seasons, and Airbnb.


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