Diptyque’s New Fragrance Traces the Path Of An Iconic Arab Explorer

Celebrating the French fragrance maison‘s 60th anniversary, Diptique’s new launch – Eau Rihla – has a special connection to the Middle East. Named after the Arabic word Rihla, meaning journey, the new frageance was inspired by the 14 century globe – trotting merchant, Ibn Battuta and his travels throughout the known world. Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin drew his inspiration directly from Diptyque co-founder Desmond Knox – Leet’s leather – bound sketching notebook and Ibn Battuta‘s leather luggage. Weather and worn, the leather keynote is ‘an invitation to travel’, says Pellegrin. An exclusive to the brand molecule, extracted fron rare cedar wood, forms the heart of the fragrance, layered with iris and musk. A bazzar of spices – much like the ones encountered by Ibn Battuta in far – flung lands – linger, with notes of saffron, pink peppercorn, and vanilla. Diptyque’s signature ‘olfactory accidents’ emerges as an energetic, sweet raspberry opening note.

The bottle’s artwork is unmistakable Middle Eastern an etched illustration by Safia Ouares featuring an iconic Beduin landscape of desert dunes, date palms, a falcon and camels. Another special touch – the oval label is a glided gold, a different route from Diptyque’s usual black and white branding.

Available as an exclusive for the region, Eau Rihla will be available only in the Middle Eat from May 1sy, until June 2021, when it will release to the international market. The new fragrance coincides with Diptyque’s 60th anniversary, since first being founded by Yves Coueslant, Desmond Knox – Lett, and Christian Gaudrot in 1961, with further celebration planned for later in the year.


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