‘Venice And The Arts Of Islam’ Exhibition In Sharjah Offers Enthralling Closing

PARIS, France – A unique exhibition by Sharjah Museum Authority and Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia that brings focus to the strong bonds between the Islamic Civilization and Venice, continues to attract crowds of visitors from inside and outside the country.

The exhibition, which comprises three main chapters ‘Encounters, Dialogue, and Inspirations’, showcases a wide range of artworks that shed light on the Islamic Civilization’s impact on the cultural scenes across different countries in the world.

It highlights how the Islamic Civilization stimulates a global scientific, artistic and intellectual development and encouraged a positive exchange between cultures that is evident by the rich Venetian art production.

The exhibition was rolled out to also highlight the importance of international cooperation in the process of preserving global cultural heritage.

Held at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, the event continues to attract visitors and provide them with a number of accompanying programs.

The closing ceremony of the exhibition offers the visitors a lineup of programs that include The ‘Italian Landscape’ and the ‘Movie Night’ which will take place on Saturday, June 25, to provide differently enabled youngsters aged between 6 – 17 years and their families with an opportunity to enjoy the Italian landscapes and with ‘Luca’, an animated movie inspired by ancient Italian myths in the Riviera region.

The exhibition, which reflects the inspirational influence the Islamic rich culture had on other civilizations, will come to an end on July 2, 2022.


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