BEAUTY | Priyanka Chopra’s Top Beauty Secrets: Ayurveda, Positivity And Coconut Oil

Priyanka Chopra’s glowing skin and shiny mane have garnered just as much interest as her global career and smart business moves. How does she keep her skin and hair healthy even with such a hectic schedule? By sticking to what she knows, being open to learning new things and adjusting to where she is and where she’s going.

She Always Stay Positive

With her global success and reach, Chopra has had her fair share of issues with negativity on the internet. “I focus on the positivity and I think that’s what social media always supposed to be – it was supposed to be connectivity, it was supposed to be bringing people together; not creating a cesspool for people to put out their angst and hate and it they do, that’s their problem”, she told Vogue India earlier this year.

She Knows That True Beauty Is Reflected From Within

“I feel the most beautiful when my confidence is at an all-time high-like no one can stop me! I seriously believe there is a direct correlation between inner and outer beauty. If you believe in yourself and believe your are beautiful, that confidence shines through and adds an extra layer to your beauty”, she said in 2017.  In the same vein, Chopra also focused on putting herself first and nurturing her needs. “Self-love is my theme this year. Figuring out what I need and what my body needs. I think being you is the best fashion trend”, she added.

She Often Opts For DIY Skincare And Haircare Remedies

While she promotes a traditional routine with off-the-shelf products at home too. “I indulge in a fantastic homemade yoghurt facial. I whip it up by mixing equal parts of yoghurt and oatmeal (1-2 tablespoons each) with turmeric (1-2 teaspoons). I apply and leave it on for half and hour before washing it off with lukewarm water. The yoghurt brightens the skin and takes away all the dullness”, she told. “Coconut oil for hair. It works gorgeously on me”, she also added.

She also shared her favorite body and hair quick-fixes with US Vogue back in 2014. “(I like) bathing with Greek yogurt. It’s really hydrating. If you’re in the shower, just rub it into your body like would soap, then step out of the shower, let it sit for three minutes and wash it off. If you rub it into your scalp, it will even heal dandruff. It’s magic. I believe in natural therapies. I use so much Ayurveda in may day-to-day life”, she said.

She Doesn’t Subscribe To A Diet, But Likes To Keep Herself Hydrated

She ‘s a girl about town with packed days and busy schedules, but Chopra keeps her food habits as fluid as possible. “I pretty much eat what I feel like. Occasionally, I’ll try to be healthy and eat right for a couple of days, but that’s how long it last. I’m blessed with an amazing metabolism, so I take it for grated most of the time”. While she’s easy on herself when it comes to food, she takes hydration seriously. “The only think I do religiously is drink lots of  water and try to squeeze in coconut water and green juices”, she said. In fact, she event counts water as her top get-glowing tip is she hasn’t gotten enough sleep in previous night. “The best way to fake it is with water – drink loads of water, all day, every day”, she added.


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