LIFESTYLE | Luxury Hotel Group Enters Private Jet Wars

For many years,  the luxury travel sector has been undergoing a bit of an arms race.

Four Seasons announced its Private Jet experience in 2015. There’s a new $50,000-per-night-private penthouse suite at the Park Hyatt New York and a fleet of custom-built yachts coming from Ritz Carlton – the first voyage is in 2020. It appears the sky and the sea are no longer the limit for wealthy travelers for whom, to quote Jessie J, it’s not about the money money money.

Now Aman has entered the space and is ready for takeoff. The luxury portfolio with 34 resorts, hotels and private residences just announced its new Aman Private Jet.

Aman has managed to maintain a bit of mystery along with loyal, repeat guests, dedicated to the brand for its attentions to detail, singular design aesthetic and most importantly, its privacy.

Unlike the Four Seasons Jet (and a new custom Airbus A321neo launches in 2021), which has set itineraries and room for 40 plus guests, the Aman Private Jet is more akin to a charter, with a 12 – person maximum.

A Private Jet Concierge will handle every detail of the journey, be it a family escape or a corporate retreat.

While there are some set itineraries within Indonesia, China and Bhutan, Aman Private Jet allows guests to customize their journey – visiting the properties they want (not necessarily Aman resorts), when they want, without having to interact with other guests.

Aboard Aman’s Bombardier Global 5000, fliers will enjoy customized meals, access to their luggage, high-speed WiFi, and Aman’s line of skin products. The interiors align with Aman’s overall aesthetic – minimalist and chic.

The price point is somewhere around if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. It can vary greatly, depending on the destinations and length of the trip. The price is available upon request.


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