CELEBRITY BEAUTY | The 7 Wellness Rules Gisele Swears By For A Happy Life

One of the most successful models of our time, Gisele Bundchen turned 40 on 20 July, leaving many of us wondering… how? Well, the Brazilian super takes a holistic approach to all aspects of her life, and attributes her glow – at least in part – to meditation, exercise and eating right. So it isn’t all about genetics.

Here are seven of the beauty and wellness rules Gisele lives by.

Get Outdoors

From horseback riding to cycling and skiing, Gisele loves getting her exercise fix in the great outdoors, connecting with nature while she does it. ‘When I want to de-stress, there is nothing like being in nature’, she said. ‘It could be in the ocean it could be in the mountains, it could be removing my shoes and putting my feet on the ground and just feeling the earth’.

Eat Dessert Every Day

That unbelievably honed physique might look as though it’s never come close to a dessert in its life, but Gisele eats something sweet every single day. But before you reach for the brownies, a reminder that she’s au fait with the concept of the ‘healthy’ dessert. ‘Most of my desserts are avocado and coconut-based, because those are the best fats for the brain’, says the model, who also loves to include whole foods like dates and nuts in her puddings. She’s a huge fan of dark chocolate, too – no Dairy Milk, though.


‘Meditation help me through each moment of my life, keeping me grounded, with a clear and focused mind, especially when I am anxious or upset’, she said. ‘I know that all I have to do is concentrate on my breathing to anchor in the present and calm down.’ Recently she has taken up transcendental meditation, and rises at 5 or 5.30 to meditate for 20 minutes before her workout.

Dry Hair Naturally

Taking a natural approach to her hair as well as her lifestyle in general, Gisele’s tousled beach waves come courtesy of a nifty trick. Once she has applied conditioner, she uses her fingers to comb through her ends, then lets it dry naturally. It it’s good enough for Gisele.

Hot Water And Lemon

Having name – checked hot water with lemon as her go-to morning beverage, Gisele starts the day with detoxification on her mind. She squeezes a whole lemon into her water, a trick that’s said to help balance the body’s pH, boost immunity and aid digestion.

Forget Make-up

Keeping it low-key in the make-up department, Gisele admits she takes a less-is-more approach. ‘I’ve always felt better with less make-up. I just feel more myself. I was kind of a tomboy when I was a kid…I’m just like a nature girl’, she says. ‘With my face, because it’s angular, less is best for me’.

Live Clean

You’ve probably already gathered that Gisele is a queen of clean living. She and her husband, Tom Brady, are renowned for their rather complex diet, which comprises 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent lean meats, and excludes an awful lot of foods – including anything in the nightshade family (they’re not anti – inflammatory). Everything they do eat is either homegrown or organic, naturally. Gisele hasn’t always been so wholesome, though. Before her holistic epiphany, she had a vice or two. ‘I had been smoking cigarettes, drinking a bottle of wine and three mocha frappuccinos every day, and I gave everything up in on day’, she has said.


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