BEAUTY | We Can’t Get Enough Of Dolce & Gabbana’s Relaunched Makeup Collection

BEAUTY | We Can’t Get Enough Of Dolce & Gabbana’s Relaunched Makeup Collection

When you think about Dolce & Gabbana I challenge you to not instantly envisage images of bold prints and vivid colors. Synonymous with the brand, these are the first thing you will notice when you pick up a product from its newly relaunched makeup collection.

Created to empower its wears alongside bringing the joy, it sees the Italian brand’s roots and codes brought to the forefront. Almost like a fashion accessory, you won’t be shy about pulling a lipstick featuring leopard print, a gloss covered in roses or a compact with touches of baroque out of your handbag.

As for the formulas, texture have been reinvented. For the face, the famous Mediterranean glow is at the forefront. All about highlighting its wearer’s natural beauty, it’s Secret Veil and Gloriouskin offer a flawless complexion. Bronzing arrives in powder and drops, with a complex which infuses both care and comfort. Celebrating emotion, the rest of the collection arrives in a host of hues. The color payoff from the eyes to lips, even on a single swipe, is intense with formulas created with a multi-use purpose in mind.

With such beautiful packing and formulas, there had to be a show – stopping campaign. Dolce & Gabbana did just this bringing together some of its most iconic faces.

Bianca Balti, Catherine Loewe, Chiara Scelsi, Joony Kim, and Monica Bellucci showcase the diversity of the makeup in looks that wouldn’t be amiss on the Italian Riviera. Autheintic and full of vivid colors, each woman brings her own unique touch to the collection, championing her individuality.


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