FINE JEWELRY | Saudi Nunn Jewels Unveils its “Sweet Spot”

Inside the Paris Nuun high jewelry boutique, Princess Nourah Al Faisal’s eyes light up with excitement. The designer and founder of the high jewelry brand launched her gilded universe six years ago, yet she unveils each new collection with the authentic joy of  a true artist. Only this new collection isn’t a collection per se; in fact, it signals a turning point for Al Faisal. She had decided that moving forward, Nuun Jewels will only release one-off pieces. It’s a decision that will satisfy her creative juice and also the desires of her clientele, who appreciate knowing that what they own, no one else can.

She refers to the release of ten pieces a “statement” and indeed the rings and earrings brilliantly showcase her artistic brio. Something of a signature, none of the jewels feature perfect symmetry and appear to revel in tuning the idea of perfection upside down.

“I don’t want things to be symmetrical; I find that to be limiting”, starts Princess Nourah. “In nature, everything is beautifully balanced and isn’t symmetrical. If you look at the most beautiful woman in the world, her face is not symmetrical. If it were, she would not be as beautiful, I believe in that some equation for jewelry. I try to find that sweet spot”. The designer explains that she takes the stone, material, and its purpose into consideration when sketching a piece, before it is brought to life by expert craftsmen at Place Vendome. “The idea is to continue creating”, she comments with a wide smile, hinting that she has found the right formula for her jewelry and for herself, too.


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