FASHION | The New Face of Versace’s Spring/Summer 2020 Campaign Breaks The Internet Again

Jennifer Lopez has come a long way with Versace since her infamous night at the Grammy Awards with a jungle-print dress that broke the internet and launched Goodle Images back in 2000. The awards-winning actor and global pop sensation wore an iteration of the unforgettable design once again in Versace’s Spring/Summer 2020 Milan Fashion Week runway finale in celebration of the historic gown’s 20th anniversary – this time breaking Instagram – as well as a month ago when she hosted Saturday Night Live.

Now, the longtime friend of the house is donning the iconic print in Versace’s recently released Spring/Summer 2020 campaign as an ode to the interconnected relationship between fashion and technology and its creation of a new form of identity. Featuring imaginations of the emerald palm leaves in plunging pantsuits and matching sets in addition to the collection’s fresh ensembles of black cutout and red fringe dresses, Lopez joins Kendall Jenner as this season’s stars for the Italian powerhouse.

In terms of my career, the Jungle dress really marked a moment in time”, said Lopez in a statement. “To me, Versace represents empowerment and putting something beautiful into the world. It’s a dream to collaborate with my friend Donatella again on this gorgeous campaign and to create something new and fresh out of a piece of iconic fashion history”.

Not only does the campaign of Lopez and Jenner Goodling their names amidst a flashing backdrop of portraits “explore the blurring of lines between public and private life in today’s internet society” but also “depicts vanity and uncensored expression as a form of self-love” in an age of social media and digital dualism, explains the luxury label.

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