BEAUTY A Pineapple And A Nose Job Inspired Huda Kattan’s Firtst Skincare Product |

Huda Kattan has been shaping the beauty world for over ten years now. In 2010, Kattan was logging into WordPress to create her popular blog ‘Huda Beauty’, chock full of makeup tips and tutorials. She’s since built an active celebrity roster of clients that include the likes of Kim Kardashian – West, Eva Longoria, and Nicole Richie.

And then there is always her billion – dollar beauty company, Huda Beauty, that she began in 2013 and now boasts 41.1 million followers on Instagram.

So when Huda announced her next venture in the beauty space earlier this year, it all made sense. Her already gigantic empire has been building to this.

Acne (and the resulting uneven skin tone) is one of the reasons that Kattan turned to makeup as a teenager. ‘I started wearing makeup because I felt like I needed to get a handle on things’, explains Kattan at the Huda Beauty headquarters in Dubai. ‘When you’re breaking out, it’s your skin talking to you. It’s pissed off and telling you lay off bitch’.

It’s with that, and a nose job recovery, that Kattan realized she was doing too much to her skin. Kattan has been very open about her nose job on social media, a refreshing honesty one rarely sees from a celebrity of Kattan’s status.

After my nose job, I had to go straight back to doing videos, so I juiced a pineapple every single day for five days’, explains Kattan. ‘When I took the cast off, it almost looked like I hadn’t had my nose done’.

It was in the vital pineapple ingredient, bromelain, that Kattan found her secret potion. ‘I knew that bromelain, which is in pineapple, is one of the best things for inflammation’, she says. But on the immediate results: ‘It was crazy’.

At first, Kattan began incorporating it into her diet to fight inflammation but quickly decided to add it to her beauty routine. What started as a DIY pineapple mask has now been supercharged into the first product in her new skincare line, the ‘Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub’.

The scrub is the first launch in the entire line entitled Wishful. ‘It’s the ‘one product everyone needs to have’, says Kattan. ‘Use it before a full face of glam for a smooth, glowy base, or it’s the perfect perk – up for a bare face”.

‘Yo Glow’ is an exfoliating whip that combines bromelain with AHAs, BHAs, and cellulose (an environmentally – friendly alternative to microbeads) to both chemically and physically exfoliate, reducing dark spots and brightening skin tone.

As for what other products will join the ‘Yo Glow’ scrub in Kattan’s Wishful skincare line, the makeup artist is coy about answering. ‘We love the whole idea of giving people what they wish for (in skincare)’, says Kattan, referencing the Wishful name. ‘What do our customers wish for?

With this latest venture, Kattan’s messaging is still very clear. ‘We want to give you the tools to feel really beautiful’, explains Kattan. ‘We also want to give you the tools to feel beautiful when you take everything off’.


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