FASHION | Saudi Designer Yousef Akbar Wins Competition To Debut At Fashion Forward Dubai

Saudi-born designer, Yousef Akbar, was selected out of 170 competitors to participate in Fashion Forward Dubai’s (FFWD) 2020 edition in April, the UAE-based initiative announced.

The competition, which he won, was by ‘Not Just a Label’ – a community that helps give emerging talent an easily accessible network and retailing forum that enables designers to gain exposure and finance their progression independently.

According to FFWD, winners were chosen based on design aesthetic, innovative offer, relevance to the region, business acumen, production capacity, and a positive brand narrative.

Akbar launched his contemporary evening wear bran in 2017 and is based between Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Fascinated by the interaction of material and body, Akbar is about challenging convention in cutting and constructions of garments while maintaining elegance and femininity.

FFWD is a three-day event taking place from April 2-4 at Dubai Design District.

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