ART OF DINING | Villeroy & Boch’s Latest Collections Are A Lesson In Artisanal Dining

Introducing Manufacture Rock and MetroChic, Villeroy & Boch’s artistic new tableware collections which transform the art of preparing and serving culinary delights.

This year, Villeroy & Boch has unveiled two brand new collections for which the finest European craftsmen have been recruited and raw modern materials such as copper and stone have been handpicked, breathing new life into home décor and highlighting the brand’s ongoing innovative spirit.

The Manufacture Rock line pushes the trend of the stone aesthetic seen in high-end restaurants around the world. Art and design are very much intertwined in the brand’s DNA, making this tableware collection not only functional, but beautiful too. The line features a widespread range of tableware, glasses, cutlery and accessories from handmade vases and tealight holders to coffee and dinner sets, which transform the art of preparing and serving culinary delights.

An interesting inspirational which shaped this collection was Australian Aboriginal art, one of the oldest art traditions in the world. The pieces are adorned with colorful dot painting, paying homage to the Papunya artists’ colony in the western desert of Australia. ‘The white and red dots merge into fascinating patterns on the rough slate surface, adding an artistic touch to the table and creating an attractive way to present various dishes’, SARA Group share. SARA Group, a 52-year-old family business renowned for delivering high-quality lifestyle solutions around the Middle East, Asia and Africa, has a number of luxury brand under its belt, with Villeroy & Boch being one.

The MetroChic collection comprises timeless and elegant geometric decorations that are complemented with a black and gold color palette on pure white porcelain. The elegant tableware and gift range united an art deco aesthetic with modern geometric touches on premium bone porcelain. The collection has combined shapes with clear, cylinder contours and deep black lines with subtle splashes of gold. The pure white premium bone porcelain features a glossy sheen and a fine thickness, adding that extra bit of flair.

‘The MetroChic series is a real style statement with the classic white, black and gold colour palette’, SARA Group shares. ‘This is exactly what lovers of fine dining expect, as they look for exceptional products that meet their specific requirements and match their sophisticated lifestyle’. The design language  for this collection fascinates with its clear form, fine lines, proportions and rounded contours with gold finishes. Each piece exudes sophistication and showcases the pure beauty of raw materials. Villeroy & Bock’s two new collections are a fine reflection on the brand’s innovative craftsmanship, offering fine dining aficionados the experience right at home.


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