CELEBRITY | Lebanese Actress Nadine Njeim Reveals Plans To Leave Country After Beirut Explosion

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim revealed this week, she had decided to leave her home country after a massive explosion ripped through the city of Beirut, killing over 160 people and injuring thousands.

Last week, the star, who lives close to the port area where the explosion happened, underwent six hours of surgery.

‘In this moment, from the hospital, I made a decision: I will leave the country and live in safety in another country that respects its people’, she wrote to her one million twitter followers. ‘It is better than staying and dying in a country ruled by bullies’.

The former Miss Lebanon then addressed the rulers in her tweet saying: ‘When you are buried underground, we will come back to our country. Otherwise, there is no need to speak any further, and thank you’.

After the tragic incident, the star shared a video – shot by someone else – of her damaged apartment on Instagram. ‘Half my face and my body were covered in blood’, said Njeim.

‘I thank God first, who saved my life. The explosion was close, and the scenes you see do not do it justice. If you visit the house and the blood everywhere, you would be surprise as to how we are still alive’, the star, who has two children, wrote captioning the clip that shows shattered glass, cracked walls and broken furniture strewn all over her living room.

According to her post, the star went down 22 floors, barefoot and covered in blood and sought help from a man who was in his car.

‘He dropped me at the nearest hospital, but they refused to admit me because they were packed with wounded people’, she said. ‘He dropped me at another hospital where they immediately took me in and I underwent a six-hour operation’.

The 36-year-old actress said her children were not home and are ‘fine and safe’.


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