Majida El Roumi To Perform At The Qubba Palace’s First – Ever Concert

Majida El Roumi is set to perform at the Qubba Palace in Egypt soon. The Lebanese singer’s performance on April 2 will mark the first – ever public concert to be held on the grounds of the Qubba Palace since it was build in 1872.

El Roumi announced the news on  her Instagram account with the message, ‘and we meet again’. Her last major performance before the pandemic hit took place in January 2020 at the Abu Dhabi Festival. During the lockdown, the single released a single titled Gha’no Bi Kel Lough’ at (Sing In All Languages) and the Lover Letter To London

El Roumi was filmed reciting the poem that speaks of her home country’s rich heritage at the historical landmark of La Residence des Pins, Beirut. ‘An artist’s prestige lies in making their fans long to see them perform’, she shared with us. ‘Recurrent appearance don’t serve the artist, but rather maker their presence mundane, in a way that will not impact people’.

Located in Cairo, the Qubba Palace is one of Egypt’s largest royal palaces, as well as one of the most significant ones during the Mohamed Ali dynasty. The structure’s construction lasted for six years between 1867 to 1872, and Crown Prince Mohamed Tawfik’s wedding officially inaugurated the palace. Since then, it become a popular site for the royal’s lavish celebration. Following King Fouad’s ascension to the throne, he established a special railway station for the royal train so that visitors could arrive at the palace from Alexandria or Cairo’s’ Ramses square. Since the 1952 revolutions, which turned Rgypt into a republic, the Qubba Palace was turned into a presidential palace hosting international leaders and dignitaries.


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