ART & ENTERTAINMENT & CULTURE | Celine Dion Is Headed To Lebanon

It’s true! Canadian pop legend, Celine Dion will be heading to Lebanon soon/ Kicking off her Courage World Tour, Byblos Festival confirmed that she would be taking to the stage in Beirut. It wouldn’t be the superstar’s first trip to Lebanon, as Dion has previously shown her love for Lebanese fashion talents who have helped to piece together her most iconic looks, walking red carpets in creations by the likes of Elie Saab.

Just a few days ago, the My Heart Will Go On songstress took to Instagram to share a vide captioned with “See you soon!”, translated into 13 different languages including Italian, French and German – perhaps an indication of the countries she would be touring in? It was however, the Lebanese music festival who confirmed her plans to perform in Beirut with an image shared on image shared on Instagram, captioned, “See you soon, Beirut! Love Celine…”

Still incredibly and evergreen at 51, Celine Dion takes her tour around the world as she releases he first English album in 6 years, on which she features her newest song, Lying Down, Courage and Imperfections, to name a few. The album is set to release on November 15th 2019.


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