FASSION |Gold, Diamond Shoes Unveiled In Dubai

A pair of high-heels that pays homage to the glamorous emirate of Dubai is vying to break the world record for the most expensive shoes in the world.

Designed by Italian designer Antonio Vietri, the Moon Star Shoes were made with a solid gold heel that replicates the shape of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The shoes were also encrusted with 30 carats of diamonds and to top it all off, was also features a small piece of a meteorite that was discovered in Argentina in 1576.

The Campo del Cielo iron meteorite fell 4,200-4,700 years ago, and was discovered in the 16th century by members of the Spanish military.

The shoes are worth $19.9 million.

The most expensive shoes in the world were unveiled over the weekend as part of the MIDE (Made in Italy, designed in Emirates) Fashion Week at the Dubai Marina.

On the MIDE website, designer Vietri was quoted as saying: “The Word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary”.

Known as the inventor of the first 24 carat gold shoes in the world Vietri described himself as an entrepreneurial spirit with an artisan heart, who founded his company thanks to timeless techniques handed down from generation to generation.


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