GET INVOLVED & CREATE BETTER WORLD | Italian Tenor Bocelli Joins Saudis and UNESCO To Help Children Affected By War

PARIS/FRANCE – Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli launched his “Voices of the World” musical education program at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris on Wednesday to help children affected by armed conflicts.

The multi-year program will expand on the renowned blind tenor’s 2016 “Voices of Haiti” project that provided musical therapy and training, lessons, rehearsal;, play time and meals to 12,000 children in one of the world’s poorest countries.

“Voices of the World” will be funded by Saudi Arabia.

“Music is a universal language that can influence the human soul in a positive way”, Bocelli, 61, told Reuters in Paris where he also signed an agreement with UNESCO to set up Similar Music educations programs in Mali and other countries.

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation’s news “Voices of the World” program will kick off in 2020 focusing on regions including Syria, Iraq and the Palestinian territories.

“Through creations of regional choruses and other educational activities, ABF seeks to empower participants and their communities through the tool of music by reinforcing skills, stimulating creativity, fostering collaborations and offering more opportunities to succeed in life”, a foundation statement said.


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