There’s nothing like a perfect manicure to complete a flawless look. If you’re treating yourself to a professional mani-pedi at the salon, you obviously want to maintain it for as long as possible. ‘We use our hands and feet the most, so taking care of your nails is super important. Well-groomed hands and feet are the sign of a professional individual”, says Tina Narula, owner of 1010 salon, which has spaces in Mumbai and Delhi

You’re Picking Off Your Gel Polish

Absentmindedly picking off your nail polish (especially if it’s a gel polish) many feel extremely satisfying, but it can really damage your nail bed below. “Never try to peel your polish off at home”, says Narula. It strips the nails off the top layer of cells (called onychocytes), which can lead to thinning and eventually breakage. Brittle nails with ridges are prone to even more chipping once the polish is applied, resulting in a messy manicure. Narula also suggests only choosing manicures that your nails can handle. “We have a number of clients that come to us for gel color or extensions, but if we think it should not be done on their existing nails, we let them know”, she says.

You’re Waiting Months Between Appointments

“Three weeks is the upper limit for keeping gel polis on”, says Narula. If you absolutely have to take your gel polish off before making it to the salon, there’s a less harmful way to do it. Buff the top layer of polish off (particularly if it is a glitter one), and apply cuticle oil to the corner of the finder to protect it. Then soak a cotton piece with remover, and use it on each nail to loosen and swipe the polish off. “At the salon, we use an acetone – free remover to do this. We then apply OPI cuticle cream on the client’s cuticles and then soak them for a while”, Narula explains. If you are taking a break between salon visits, Narula advises that you give your nails a breather. ‘Let them be natural for a while”, she recommends.

You’re Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is a hard habit to break if you already do it, but it’s definitely worth working on. Biting can lead to permanent damage to the skin around the nails, causing hangnails and bleedings skin. This can make it harder to paint the nails, as well as cause divots and ridges on the surface.

You’re Cutting Your Cuticles

‘We push back cuticles and try not to cut them if we don’t have to”, Saud Narula. Cuticles actually protect the nails from bacteria and fungi, so cutting them off may do more harm than good. Do not insist on clipping them; instead, use a cuticle remover to soften them, and have your nail tech push them back with an orange stick.

You’re Not Letting You Nails Dry

Flipping through a magazine, rooting through you bag for your wallet, or swiping on your phone while your nail polish is still wet will ruin your manicure before you even leave the salon. Just sit back, relax and enjoying the treatment without messing it up in the middle – your manicurist will thank you for it.


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