SAUDI BUSINESS | Saudi Arabia Approves Bank of China License To Open In Kingdom

RIYADH | SAUDI ARABIA – The Saudi Cabinet on Tuesday approved the granting of a license to Bank Of China to operate in the Kingdom and authorized the finance minister to decide on any request to open more branches.

The brings up the number of non – Saudi licensed leaders in the Kingdom to 15 commercial banks.

Authorized a Chinese bank is a sign of the Kingdom’s outgoing policy towards opening up prospects for economic cooperation with all countries, including East Asia, where China is leading one of the largest industrial, commercial and consumer growth movements in the world.

In 2012, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launched its first branch in Riyadh.

The Bank of China is one of the most financially mobile banks, as it is active with private and government organizations and institutions in Saudi Arabia.

In has lending relationships with the Saudi  Electricity Company and Zain Group.

Besides the newly-established bank, 14 foreign banks are currently operating in Saudi Arabia and they included: the Gulf International Bank, Emirates NBD, the National Bank of Kuwait, Bank Muscat, the National Bank of Bahrain, Qatar National Bank, and First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).


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