International Women’s Day | The Flowers To Gift The Women In Your Life This International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect to stand in solidarity, lift each other up and show that we do care. From the elegant orchid to the cheerful sunflower, the botanical world holds something for every woman that matches a myriad of compelling qualities.

With spring, blooms new beginnings, bringing new meaning to what has gone and what is to come. In celebration of International Women’s Day, take cues from Dubai-based flower boutique Maison Des Fleurs to help you navigate those meanings and help you support and cheer on the women in your life.


Considered as one of the most resilient flowering plants, the highly sought after Orchids are well known for their unique perianth. Orchids imply exotic beauty, refinement, and glorious femininity. With this is mind, these plants exude appreciation for the timeless elegance and virtuosity of a woman.


Commonly known to signal the arrival of spring, these radiant blooms love the light and come in various colors to display joyfulness. Tulips are bright, fun and cheerful flowers. When gifting a woman who is an undeniable positive force, tulips are a well-matched symbol of gratitude, to others, especially during times of difficulty.


These have great versatility and always enrich other blooms with their presence, offering great strength and support to more fragile flowers. Hysrangeas are a perfect gift to show your appreciation for the woman who is always there to help, encourages others and make things work.


For the delicate woman, peonies represent grace, thoughtfulness, and passion. Like a flower that only blooms in the spring, peonies symbolize prosperity, new beginnings, good luck, and honor. Flowers can often communicate beauty better than words do, making them the ultimate love language for the growing relationship with the important women in your life.


The flower’s bright yellow hue signifies adoration as well as clarity of mind. Sunflowers are for the woman who, no matter how difficult life gets, brings people together and instills encouragement in everyone she meets. Sunflowers are a match made in nature for those who thrive in living in the light and set their sights higher than the average women for all they can achieve, after all, even the tallest sunflower manage to grow over feet tall!

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