THE POWER OF INFLUENCE | Beyonce Is Helping Put $6 Million Toward Coronavirus Relief Efforts

Beyonce has announced one way she plans to help provide COVID-19 relief.

The ‘Formation’ singer shared a message on her website Thursday explaining how she is concerned with the huge amount of mental and personal health burdens places on essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic. She also makes not of how African Americans make up a disproportionate amount of this workforce in major cities.

In partnership with Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey, Beyonce’s BeyGood initiative will provide $6 million dedicated to services like testing, medical services, food supplies, and food deliveries, both during and after crisis. For mental health services, they have a national partnership with UCLA and the National Alliance in Mental Illness (NAMI) to offer local support to Houston, New York, New Orleans, and Detroit. For personal wellness, they will be donating to organizations like United Memorial Medical Center, Bred of Life, and more.

Dorsey recently started his #starsmall campaign, where he is moving $1 billion worth of his Square equity into an LLC dedicated to founding COVID-19 relief. His campaign has also partnered with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation and Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation to provide $6.2 million worth of COVID-19 grants.

Prior to this donation, Beyonce made ppearance on the Disney Family Singalong, which benefitted Feeding America, and the One World: Together at Home event benefitting the WHO and Global Citizen.

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