Want To Lose Weight This Ramadan? Here’s Your Guide To A Healthier, Happier Month

The holy month of Ramadan marks the period when Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset everyday as a show of gratitude and reflection.

But abstaining from food and drinks all day could push some people to feel like they need to indulge more between the Iftar meal and Suhoor to make up for the calories deficit.

Combined with the usual array of meals and desserts available during the month and the lack of activity due to low energy levels, individuals may put on some weight during Ramadan despite not eating for several hours.

If you are looking to lose weight, here some tips that could help:

Replace The Sambosa With Soup Or Salad

Instead of going straight for the sambose, opt for a salad and a bowl of soup instead. Have a healthy salad with a lot of vegetables and avoid having a cream-based soup. Starting off with something healthy will also push you to make better choice throughout your Iftar meal.

It’s All About Hydration!

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water between your Iftar meal and Suhoor. This will keep you from snacking and will stop you from feeling to tired.

Put Down The Fried Food

When deciding what to eat for Iftar or Suhoor, choose healthy options that consist of all the nutrients you need. Instead of going for fried food, try grilled chicken or fish with a side of vegetables and some rice or potatoes. Limiting your intake of fried food will help you keep any extra weight off.

Step Away From The Desserts

It can be easy to indulge in desserts during Ramadan when homes are filled with trays of sweets and chocolates. If you cannot resist satisfying your sweet tooth, then try to cut back on how much dessert you have. Instead of having two or three kinds of sweets, only have one every few days. If you want an alternative to sugary desserts altogether, have a bowl of fruit instead or some low-fat yogurt.

Move Your Body!

While energy levels are bound to be low when you are fasting, it does not mean you cannot take up light exercises. Walk around your apartment, or do some light aerobics. Once you have had your Iftar meal and are fully energized, do some cardio or heavy weightlifting.

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