NEWS ALERT | Elie Saab Broadens Creative Horizons With Debut Furniture Collection

The Elie Saab Maison collection, which is in keeping with the brand’s aesthetic, is divided into ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ so that it encompasses every area of your home.

While Elie Saab is known for his head-turning couture and ready-to-wear designs created in his ateliers in Beirut and Paris, his brand has grown to become a full-grown lifestyle one. So starting a furniture and home accessories collection was the ‘natural next step’, as the Lebanese designed described. And fans of the label can rest assured Elie Saab Maison embodies the DNA they  have grown to love, with the sumptuous range featuring the innate elegance for which Saab is renowned.

For the first collection, which according to Saab ‘reflects the heritage of design signature’, renowned architect and designer Carlo Colombo has translated Saab’s creative vision into pieces that can be used everywhere around the home. Whether furniture for the living, dining and bedrooms or the lighting and accessories, including rugs and cushions, the richness of materials, the enduring sophistication, modern wow factor and attention to detail all scream Elie Saab.

‘We have combined our creativity, our skills, letting the collection develop naturally’, the Italian with extensive experience in high-end furniture told ‘Architectural Digest Middle East’. ‘We shared stories about the inspiration behind his creations, his work process and his selection of shapes, colors and materials. I transferred my inspiration of the essential elements that define his style into the maison pieces. The result is a collection that is Elie Saab at first glance’.

The debut Elie Saab collection is inspired by the themes that are meaningful to the designer. For example, it features silhouettes and architecture from the 60s and 70s, Art Deco and Middle Eastern perfume bottle and colors. In fact, the dominant colors in the collection are the light ones the brand favours for its haute couture creations, like subtle creams, soft pastels and gentle greys, as well as splashes of burgundy and teal. Plus you’ll find metals with shiny finishes like bronze and marble, as well as noble stones.

Entirely made in Italy, the collection is Divided into ‘Day’ and ‘Night’, with the magnificently rich ‘Day’ collection including four sofas, five, chairs, armchairs and poufs. Two dining tables and consoles, four side tables and a storage unit have also been created. Meanwhile, three beds, a bedside table and ‘Valet de Nuit’ make up the ‘Night’ collection.

Saab, who is working in partnership with Swiss company Corporate Brand Maison for production and distribution, is set to inaugurate his first mono brand showrooms in the second half of 2020 in cities like Milan, Paris, Beirut and Dubai. In addition to the furniture collection that was supposed to be unveiled at Milan’s Salone del Mobile in April, Saab is planning on offering bespoke finish options, country exclusives and limited-edition objects and artworks for collectors and art connoisseurs. The designer, who has already decorated the interios of the Grand Blue Tower in Dubai’s Emaar Beachfront with Colombo, also has future real estate and hospitality projects in his sights.

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