ENTERTAINMENT | Saudi Arabia Has Launched Its Very Own Brand Of Cinemas

Muvi Cinemas is Saudi Arabia’s very first cinema brand and they just opened their first franchise in Jeddah’s Mall of Arabia. The multiplex cinema boasts 15 screens and is run purely by Saudi nationals.

There are 4 more Muvi Cinemas multiplexes set to open across the kingdom before the end of this year, at locations including, Mall of Dhahran, Nakheel Mall Dammam, Riyadh’s Al Hamra Mall, and the capital’s U Walk boulevard mall complex, currently under construction.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Media, Turki bin Abdullah Al-Sahabah, took to Twitter to express his elation at the launch of the home-grown movie theatre branch, stating, “It is truly something to be proud of from the first Saudi cinematic company. I was awed with the level of preparation I saw today! You did an amazing job!”

The new cinema franchise is owned and run by Next Generation, which a new company that was only established this year in Riyadh. The plan to launch such a business was a long time in the pipeline for the kingdom as a contract with Arabian Centers, a premier operator and developer of modern lifestyle centers in Saudi Arabia, was signed as early as 2002. It allows Muvi Cinemas to move forward with their plans to grow the business, including plans to open franchise in 10 malls across the kingdom within the next 2 years.

The company hopes to have 250 functioning screens, including ScreenX, the bespoke Xperience, the Suits, the Junior as well as standards screens. Catching a movie is rather reasonable as prices for a standard screening is around $13, and a premium ticket at the $16 mark.

The premium screenings are most definitely a treat and worth the money as this is what each experience has to offer:

ScreenX: ScreenX will be the world’s first ever multi-projection theatre that has a main screen that wraps around the auditorium. Prices to catch this immersive experience sits at $20 per ticket.

Xperience: Similar to the ScreenX, the Eperience, is a wall-to-wall movie screen with moving audio, luxurious leather chairs, and phone charging sockets. Ticket prices remain at $20.

Suites: Described as “the ultimate luxury cinema experience”, the Suits come complete with reclining leather seats, so you can put your feet up, a private lounge, a sliding table to dine off, and tickets are a steal at just $38.

Muvi Cinemas also fall into Saudi’s Vision 2030’s Quality of Life program, set to enhance the lifestyles of those who live in Saudi, as well as creating more work opportunities and inviting residents of Saudi to participate in environmental, sports, entertainment and cultural events.


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