LIFE | Balenciaga Joins Forces With World Food Programme To Fight Global Hunger

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga is collaborating with the United Nations World Food Programme for the second time in an effort to end global hunger by 2030. This year, the brand is proceeding with its endeavors of spreading awareness by dropping a new capsule collection consisting of clothing and accessories in  December 2019.

Last year’s coordinated efforts between the fashion house and the humanitarian agency included a scope of things featuring the World Food Program’s logo and its motto, “Saving Lives, Changing Lives”, with proceeds from each sale donated to the WFP. The assets gathered in 2018 upheld numerous significant initiatives like helping the undernourished in various numerous vulnerable communities all over the world. Likewise, the new 2019 collection will bolster the WFP and help make this world a place where every individual has access to food.

According to statistics, one in nine people do not have access to enough food on this planet, and the number has been consistently increasing for the past years. Program works in more than 80 nations and spotlights on aiding around 86.7 million individuals consistently, however, they need more helps as the rest of the population is still battling.


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