WOMAN’S EMPOWERMET | 2,514 Working Women Benefit From Saudi Human Resources Development Fund Program

The Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) announced that 2,514 Saudi female employees benefited from accredited centers for nurseries and daycare for children in various regions of the Kingdom.

Hadaf also amended the conditions of enrollment and support mechanisms in the Qurrah Program, in order to contribute to the empowerment and stability of women in the labor market.

The program covers all regions of the Kingdom, and the support period can cover up to two children until they reach the age of six years old. The fund now contributes to covering part of the cost of daycare as follows: During the first year, the fund contributes to covering a maximum of SR800 ($213) of the cost daycare per child, SR600 for the second year, SR500 for third and SR400 for the fourth.

The Qurrah Program aims to increase the percentage of Saudi women working in the private sector, and contribute to the stability of Saudi women in their jobs. It seeks simple solutions for working Saudi mothers to improve and develop their lives and those of their families.

Women working in the private sector can check the details of the program and apply to benefit from its services.


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