MARK YOUR CALENDAR | Want Lashes Like Rihanna? Fenty Beauty’s First Mascara Is Almost Here

It feels like just yesterday that Rihanna dropped her range of Snap Shadows. Arriving in eight six-pan  mini eyeshadow palettes, they rounded off 2019. For 2020 she had wasted no time in delighting her fans by announcing the launch of Fenty Beauty’s first mascara. Dubbed Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara has been created so you can achieve Rihanna’s signature lashes yourself.

The brush follows a flat-to-flat design. The former created to define and curl whilst the latter picking up and holding the maximum amount of product possible. This means lashes will be covered and lifted, with not a single hair forgotten. As for the formula it is easily buildable, meaning one layer for day and three or four for a more dramatic look in the evening. Due to the shape of the brush, you can define and separate lashes too, meaning you can also create several different looks.

Rihanna herself was part of the testing. Ensuring it stood up to smudging, sweat and tears you can expect long-lasting color and volume all day long. Arriving in “Cuz I’m black”, a rich black shade which has also been used for the Fenty Beauty FlyLiner, the mascara arrives in Sephora stores across the Middle East, and on on January 16.


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