CELEBRITY BEAUTY | Even Jessica Alba Has Cut Her Own Hair In Quarantine

In evidence that absolutely everyone’s usual beauty regime has been flipped upside down by social distancing rules, Jessica Alba has cut her own hair. After enlisting the virtual expertise of celebrity stylist Jen Atkin via video call, Alba embarked on a ‘quarantine cut’.

Alba shared a clip of her efforts on social media, which showed the star taking the front section of her hair and cutting into the ends. The actor and entrepreneur was clearly as perturbed by having to attempt a chop at homes as the rest of us. ‘Yep-this happened’, wrote Alba, who later cut her husband Cash Warren’s hair, too. It seems she’s now a beauty founder by day, a barber by..well, in isolation at least.

It isn’t just Alba being guided through the tricky process of a DIY haircut by Atkin – Bella Hadid had her turn, too. After trimming her own fringe – creating a wispy, ’90 style – Hadid wrote, ‘I cut my bangs’ on her Instagram Stories. Clearly proud of her efforts (and who wouldn’t be?), the model then turned her attention to her friend, Leah, who was subsequently given the Hadid hairs styling treatment.

With two successful remote celebrity cuts under her belt, Atkin professed her happiness at the outcome. ‘I’m so proud of all my students’, she wrote online. Perhaps virtual salon visits are the future…

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