UNIQUE RETREATS TO REVITALIZE YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL| Stressed? This On The Rocks Massage Will Change Everything

It’s time of the year when everything kicks off again. Gone are those lazy summer days and instead meetings, deadlines, and event after event fill your every waking hour. OK, maybe a little bit dramatic. Either way, there’s no doubt that our stress levels have significantly risen. So much so, that  a normal massage isn’t going to be enough to break up the tension in our shoulders and back. Cue the serene and effortlessly chic Nikki Beach Resort & Spa.

 Unlike the legendary pool parties at Nikki Beach, here the vibe is relaxed without losing any of the brands signature glamour.

From the second your arrive at the hotel you are greeted with frangipani and palm trees waving lazily in the breeze, a backdrop of whitewashed walls and water lapping in turquoise pools. Entering the Nikki Spa, a host clad in full white ensemble welcomes you with your choice of drink. Everything here is a little bit cooler. Your usual water or tea is elevated in the form of fresh green apple concoction. The changing rooms are a perfect example of contemporary design, think minimalism, mood lighting and lounge music completing the atmosphere.

Donning a fluffy and heading to your treatment room, they follow suit with the hotel. Chic and modern. Therapists are some of the best in the region, flown in from across the globe for their expertise. The spa menu offers up treatments featuring products from Clarins, Elemental Herbology and Le Sens De Marrakech. Journesy have been created combining scrubs, wraps, massages, facials and everything else in between. On this occasion, the Clarins massage On The Rocks was calling our name.

Lying on your front the massage begins at the center of where is stored, your back, shoulder, and neck before moving across the rest of your body. Working with Clarins Relax Treatment Oil which combines essential oils like chamomile and bitter orange, warm volcanic stones are used to access the deeper muscle layers thus alleviating stress and promoting deeper relaxation. The heat from the stones also expands blood vessels encouraging more blood flow through the body.

For those who struggle to switch off their mind to the sound of windpipes and chanting, you’re in luck. As we said, the Nikki brand just makes everything bot cooler with iconic songs being reworked into relaxing tunes. Think  old rock and roll to the current charts. Finishing your experience in the relaxation room, you can’t help but be tempted to stay and extra few hours as the spa also features a sauna, steam, ice fountain, mixed vitality pool, and outdoor relaxing area – the weather is finally cooling down after all. Also, for those not wanting to leave you can take a little Nikki Beach home with as the stunning fragrance of the brand is available to purchase in the Spas boutique. Retail therapy? It’s a must.


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