BEAUTY | Cartier Celebrates Five Years Of Its La Panthere Fragrance

If Cartier was an animal what would it be? A panthere of course. Celebrating five years of its iconic La Panthere fragrance, the brand releases a limited edition bottle for occasion. Launched in 2014, it was Cartier’s perfumer Mathilde Laurent who developed the juice. Combining an earthy cypress with a floral accord, the hero notes see gardenia, musk and chypre offer up an animalistic finish. Housed in a faceted, sculptural vessel that denotes the feline it has been reimagined in a golden solar finish for this event.

Named after the symbol which is so synonymous with the houses, the panthere was first marked on a watch in 1914 with spotted motifs. In 1948 Jeanne Toussaint created the  first La Panthere jewel and due to its success, the panther was cemented in Cartier history. For Laurent, she wanted to create a fragrance which was the equivalent of the Panthere  jewelry. Nothing that the jeweler aims to mimic the movement of the panthere, she wished to recreate the animal’s velvety aura. The result? An award-winning fragrance that has since grown to offer L’Eau de parfum and l’eau de toillete  counterparts.


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