BEAUTY | Tom Ford Skincare Arrives Blending Luxury With Science

This is the moment every beauty aficionado has been waiting for. Tom Ford has finally moved into skincare with the launch of Tom Ford Research. Revolutionizing the world of skincare, Ford didn’t just rely on the work of others. Ever striving for perfection, he assembled his own team of top scientists from around the world to fulfill his quest for high-performance and restorative products. “My vision is to merge breakthrough skin science with true luxury, to create transformative skincare regardless of skin type or gender. This is the reason I established Tom Ford Research. Working closely with a team of scientists, we develop what is truly remarkable and that which delivers undeniable visible results”, explains Ford.

Tom Ford Research begins with two formulations, a Serum Concentrate and Crème Concentrate. The first has been created to energize, refine and transform the skin. Undeniably luxurious the serum glides onto skin absorbing instantly. The results are instant with texture and luminosity improved. The Crème Concentrate focuses on energizing, hydrating and soothing. Ultra-rich in texture, the cream formula upon application transforms into a feather-light quality melting into the dermis. The skin looks and feels plumped and hydrated with the appearance of lines and wrinkles subtly diminished, improving significantly over time with consistent use. Both are to be used both day and night.

Energizing skin was of the utmost importance to Ford. The science behind this saw the team delve into the properties of caffeine. They found that the element, “promotes the movement of sodium ions – small, charged molecules in the skin’s surface, which act as a carrier of an electrical energy-type flow, that in turn, flood skin with hydration”. So important were these findings that they have already been presented at the esteemed American Academy of Dermatology Conference and are set for publication in a scientific journal.

White Porcelain Cacao, Caffeine, and Gyokuro a variety of Japanese green tea were found to be the ingredients containing caffeine that could help in supporting the natural energy located within the skin. Combined dermatologist-recognized hyaluronic acid and peptides 74 unique serums were developed, trialed and rejected before formula number 75 was approved. Tested in clinical studies both women and men, this ensured their potency and ability to energize the skin’s appearance and natural energy.


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