ROYALS | Meghan Markle May Be Bringing Baby Archie to the U.S. for Thanksgiving

Multiple reports say that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will take extended time off from royal duties come November, during which time they’ll celebrate a quintessential American holiday: Thanksgiving.

Despite living across the pond, it seems Markle’s mother will play an active role in her grandson’s life. She was also on hand for his birth in May and attended his christening in July.

Furthermore, their trip highlights how the Duchess of Sussex is maintaining her American roots, and encouraging Archie to heave them, too.

So how will the Sussexes do Thnaksgiving? Ultimate foodie Markle will inevitably take on some of the cooking. Back when she had an Instagram, she showed off her culinary skills on the holiday, posting a throwback picture in front of a perfectly crisp turkey in jeans and aviators. “Oh, that time I roasted a pretty perfect Thanksgiving turkey! The question is, can I do it again? The pressure is on!” She wrote.

They won’t spend their entire break – which is estimated to be around six weeks – in the States. London’s The Sunday Rimes reports they will spend Christmas at Sandringham, the Queen’s 20,000-acre Jacobethan estate in Norfolk.


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