BODY & MIND & SPIRIT | 7 Ways To Create Calm At Home While In Isolation

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s hard not to feel a little anxious. With most of us living and working in isolation, turning our focus to small daily rituals is more important now than ever in order to create calm and balance. Below we have listed seven tried and tested tips to help lower your stress and anxiety, from potting plants to running a soothing warm bath. Yes, you’ve heard them all before, but sometimes we need a little reminder that it’s the small things that can make a massive difference.


We don’t expect you to get completely Kondo about it, but minimizing clutter where possible will definitely help alleviate stress. If you think about your apartment or home as if it’s your mind, then keeping it as quiet and clutter-free as possible makes perfect sense. Try stripping back to only pieces that serve a purpose or bring you joy and move out or pack away pieces that don’t.

Cook Slow

Slow cooking, backing and roasting are all methods of cooking that don’t require too much prep time and the aromas permeating through your apartment will bring you so much comfort. Try new things, like making your own pasta or get in to pickling or making preserves. There’s something really satisfying about watching something develop or cook slowly over time.

Bath (If You Can)

For those with a bathtub, treat yourself to a warm relaxing bath. Try soaking in salts or natural bath products with healing properties, and take a book in or listen to a podcast for ultimate zone out time. try turning out the lights, lighting some candles and opening a window to let in a soft cool breeze. This can be done alone or in pairs (to save water, of course).

Fresh Sheets

Keep your sheets fresh and clean and get  up and make your bed every morning. Daily rituals are important and there’s nothing better than getting in to a fresh made bed at night. Consider purchasing some beautiful new bedding online and look for softly scented natural laundry products. If you have the luxury of backyard, garden or balcony, let your sheets dry out in the sun because there really isn’t anything better.

Soft Scents

Burning oils, a softly scented candle or smoke free intense will not only have your home or apartment smelling fresh but it will also help you to concentrate. It’s the small daily rituals that keep us grounded and provide clarity. Also consider scent when choosing your cleaning products, scented oils like tea tree or eucalyptus still have disinfectant properties but don’t smell as strong as products that may contain bleach or harsh chemicals.


Bringing nature inside or spending time in the garden will lower your anxiety. If you don’t have a garden or balcony, try growing some hers or potted plants on your windowsill. Watering and watching something grow is great therapy. Consider ordering plants or fresh flowers from your local nursery or florist if they are delivering, you could also send these to someone too, to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Take Tea

Make lots of tea, but in an actual teapot, as there’s something about the process that just makes it feel so much more special. Avoid teas with too much caffeine and opt for calming herbal blends instead. Make sure drink lots of water though after each cup, to avoid dehydration.

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