HEALTH | Researchers Discover New Coronavirus Symptoms: Feet Lesions


COVID-19, the disease that has caused the coronavirus pandemic, is a respiratory illness that has symptoms that can include fatigue, a persistent cough and fevers. However, researchers in Spain believe they had discovered another symptom – lesions on feet.

According to a statement from the Spanish General Council of Officials Podiatrist Colleges, the lesions are described as similar to those seen with chickenpox and can largely by seen on the feet of children and adolescents. They have also been spotted on some adults.

It is a curious finding that began yesterday to spread in the healthcare field, among the dermatologists and podiatrists, fundamentally: the same symptoms are increasingly being detected in patients with COVID-19, especially children and adolescents, although some cases have also been detected in adults’, the statement reads. ‘These are purple- colored lesions (very similar to those of chickenpox, measles or chilblains) that usually appear around the toes and that usually heal without leaving marks on the skin’.

The lessions have been found in Italy, France and Spain, the researchers added.

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